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Life Insurance for 50 and Over

Life Insurance for 50 and Over

March 9, 2021

Turning 50 is a wonderful milestone and this time of life brings new adventures, challenges, and celebrations. You are now wiser, more respected, and still have much life to live without the stress of youthful inexperience. You are truly in your prime! Part of taking advantage of this newfound freedom and aging gracefully includes making […]

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Motorcycle Insurance Components

Motorcycle Insurance Components and Coverage

February 24, 2021

Cruising down an open country road is a symbol and feeling of freedom like no other. Many drivers gravitate to a bike for the thrill, speed, and friendship that is commonly associated with motorcycle enthusiasts. But along with this freedom and excitement come many risks. In 2019, the Arizona Department of Transportation reported that there […]

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how does car insurance work

How Does Car Insurance Work?

February 19, 2021

The purpose of car insurance is to provide economic compensation if something unexpected happens involving your vehicle. The insured party enters an agreement with an insurer that contains the terms. This includes details such as the policy coverage period, the maximum limits of coverage, and the cost (premium). As with most types of insurance, states […]

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Homeowners Insurance Cost

The Factors That Determine Homeowners Insurance Cost

January 20, 2021

For some, home insurance can be a sore subject, especially if you have had a negative insurance experience in the past. However, insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. Understanding what determines insurance premiums can help you make more informed and confident decisions concerning insurance policies. So, how much does home insurance cost? The average cost […]

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Car Insurance Discounts

Car Insurance Discounts to Ask About

December 29, 2020

The primary thing that’s on the mind of every person shopping for auto insurance is what type of rate they can get. For many, car insurance costs can be cut through the application of one or more discounts. Luckily, many insurance carriers offer discounts because car insurance is legally mandated, and companies want to remain […]

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Small Business Insurance Cost

Small Business Insurance Cost and Options

November 17, 2020

Arizona small businesses need to protect themselves, not only to keep their doors open but for the state’s economy as well. There are 592,485 documented small businesses in Arizona. Without the proper insurance coverage, any number of these companies could go under in a flash. Lawsuits over faulty products, bodily injury, and service discrepancies are […]

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