Insurance Tips & Answers

Prevent Car Theft

10 Tips on How to Prevent Car Theft

February 26, 2020

Auto theft has always been something of a particular problem for Arizona residents. Back in 2007, Arizona used to be […]

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Cost of Small Business Insurance

Average Cost of Small Business Insurance: Choosing the Right Coverage

February 17, 2020

Business insurance helps protect your business from the potential adverse events that might impact your employees, clients, or physical location. […]

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Supplemental Insurance for Medicare

Choosing the Best Supplemental Insurance for Medicare

January 17, 2020

Health insurance remains at the center of concern for most Americans, especially seniors. As such, programs such as Medicare and […]

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Excise Tax Bonds

Maricopa County Excise Tax Bonds

January 3, 2020

Excise tax bonds can come into play in multiple industries and vary by state and county.  For instance, in Maricopa […]

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Permit Bonds

Maricopa Permit Bonds

December 17, 2019

If you are in the energy business you are probably familiar with energy surety bonds. These types of permit bonds […]

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Plugging and Abandonment Bonds

Plugging & Abandonment Bonds

December 11, 2019

Oil wells, water wells and natural gas wells are like many other functional items in that they have a life […]

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